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Fish & Chips (in) Bondi

After years of hearing and seeing the popular tourist spot Bondi Beach in tv, travel magazines and online, I knew that no matter what, I would have to take some time off to visit this place if i'm ever when I'm in Sydney. 
I'm not really one for touristy places. I always believe that the little hidden gems the locals patronise are almost always better than that same one common area/place/monument of interest that 200 different brands of travel guides/books recommend. However being in Singapore, lets face it.. The quality of our beaches are pretty shitty. Coarse grimy sticky sand and murky dull waters. With clear blue skies and water as clear and bright as my future(jk) I knew I had to make it to Bondi no matter what. And I'm glad I did.

This is a mini compilation of Fish and Chip(becos aussie fish n chips are kickass) spots that I've tried around the Bondi area. This is no way a compilation guide of the best 'fish and chips around bondi' or anything becaus…

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