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If you're craving for quality french/german/seafood at reasonble prices in Sg ,
you can thank heavens for this place.

tucked away in the heartlands of bukit merah, Salut hawker serves unconventional non-typical hawker food at pocket-friendly prices.

Basically, Salut kopitiam is a hawker with various stalls serving more angmoh (if you happen to be an angmoh reading this please dont get offended and call me a racist just cause of that ok. Love to angmohs x)  styled food like the german schweinshaxe (german pork knuckle and no I do not know how to pronounce that), bangers and mash, french food , PLUS they sell draft beer and ciders!! erdinger on tap and duck confit in a coffeeshop, what are the odds... PLUS THEY HAVE FOIE GRAS!!!!!!!!!!!! FOIE GRAS IN A HAWKER??????? wow don't mind if i do.....

There are a number of stalls at this hawker , mainly travelling cow ( yes, ramen burger) Stew Küche, Two wings, Immanuel's french kitchen, seasalt, and probably another 2-3 stalls which I didnt really take notice of but I think one sells desserts/cakes?

Stew Küche




One of the more popular mains from Stew Küche is their pork knuckle and sausage platter to share.. I looove love love pork knuckle when its done right its one of the best things ever, crisp pork skin hugging a blanket of fat hugging tender pull apart meat all balancing on one bone its really pretty fckn delicious.

However the one we had that day was pretty mediocre... Meat wasnt as tender and juicy to our liking and infact it was pretty dry. But I guess if you're craving for this and you just need to satisfy your greedy tastebuds and tummies then its ok for the price I guess? But I personally wouldn't order this again if I happen to be back here..


It comes with  what i like to call 'kids sides' haahaha - hashbrowns, couple of leaves of butterhead lettuce, achar,  and a veggie bake thinggy with cheese and semi-mash(lol)


we also had the lamb chops from stew küche which came out pretty disappointing. I was expecting a 1" chop but this was sliced so thinly and taste wise it just tasted like typical cheap lambchops you get for 5bucks a plate at a western stall in a hawker.


This is the stall that sells a good selection of beers and ciders for really really decent prices. We had a couple of Rekorderligs and they were 11 each. They also have paulaner beers, budweisers in a bucket,brother ciders and of course somersby.


From Immanuels kitchen Of course yours truly had to have the foie. pretty decent but wish I had more!!!!!!! Love love love foie.

The food at immanuel's kitchen pretty much did hit the spot. I've never had 100% authentic french food so I can't vouch for the authenticity of the dishes but the menu looks pretty legit. Plus the chef worked in prestigious restaurants in sg (jaan, andre, mbs etc) so he knows what he's doing. This stall has really impressive food at cut throat prices...


Duck confit was tender, skin was crisp and not soggy. Sides were just no frills regular veggies with bacon, not gona complain because the star of the dish was well done..


escargots were great... cooked in a great thick sauce that went good with the bread... I tasted parmesan parsley tomatoes and lots of garlic in this, and im not sure what else but it was good. please order this if you go!!

salut11 salut10

Pork belly with onsen egg and potato foam

The sous vide pork belly ho my god. This is why sous vide cooking is fucking amazing. Tender and melt in your mouth.. This dish was pretty damn good, the layers of fat in the tender meat made it a lovely effortless chew.


Seasalt sells more seafood and fish based dishes. Fried calamari, fish & chips, fish steaks, mussels clams etc..

We had their pot of mussels in their signature best-seller white wine sauce. Very passable in my opinion.. Wouldn't re-order..


we also had their seafood paltter, again with the kids sides haha. Random nachos!!

As much as I wasnt impressed by their mussels, I have to say their seafood is fresh. No funky tastes, just clean seafood flavours. Prawns tasted good..

salut4 salut3

Overall this is a pretty good place for people who want to eat out and don't want to cost a bomb. We were 6 of us and for a full bellied meal for 6, we only paid about 20-25 each. That's pretty damn awesome considering you get restaurant grade food like sous vide dishes and foie..  While it's not the nicest place to dine at, its no-frills, simple, reasonable and delicious enough. Plus they have ciders and beers at almost 1/2 the price of an average bar after GST taxes so why the hell not.

We were here on friday with a reservation made in advance so we didnt have to wait. However if youre planning to come here in a big group or if you're going to come after 7-ish its best to try to score a reservation first. There was a long ass queue of hungry people eye-raping all the surrounding food while waiting to be seated. Sucks to be you yall!!!!



Check out some of the stall's fb page for their operating hours

Sea salt
2 Wings
Stew Küche

Salut Coffeeshop
Block 119 Bukit Merah Lane


  1. Thank you for the comments and pics via seasalt.

    Salty Love,

  2. Thank you for the comments and pics via seasalt.

    Salty Love,


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