Feedlot Bar & Grill


I can confidently say that the top contender on every foodie's list will be a well done (NO I DO NOT MEAN COOKED ALL THE WAY THROUGH) steak. Beautifully pink with that great beefy flavour, not drenched in overpowering nonsense sauces, served in a great medium rare. While its not difficult to whip up a great steak considering you only need a quality slab of cow, salt and pepper, not all places that serve steak do a good job at it.

so........ THANK GOD I FOUND FEEDLOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

feedlot1 feedlot2

We ordered the truffle fries ($12)
 to share while waiting for the rest to arrive. They were golden and crisp but really lacking in truffle flavour.. Im guessing they did a double fry on this, and then drizzled some truffle oil over which was really really subtle. Wish they had more of a truffle punch ):


Char grilled asparagus. ($8)

Wish there was a more smoky flavour from the chargrill...


The Cow ($35)

Wagyu tartare, Beef tendon (that keropok looking thing)

feedlot4 feedlot5 feedlot6

Not like your usual steak/beef tartare, with its most obvious difference being presentation and choice of accompaniments, but I thought this was pretty good... I love beef tendon, stewed or dehydrated into airy cracker puffs so this was a winner for me..


And of course what is a visit to a steakhouse without the grand prize taking all the attention, right?


Cote de Boeuf ($185)
200 day grain fed Australian Angus, this 1kg beauty stole the limelight.
My eyes were beaming like a underfed dog seeing meat for the first time in 5 years.

Cote de Boeuf is basically a cut from the cow's ribs, cooked bone in which imparts more flavour to the meat so yes, and yes, and yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ordered this bad boy in a medium rare and it was by far one of the best steaks I've had in Singapore thus far. Beautifully cooked with an even pink from core to core, juicy, and the pieces that had that rib eye fat attached to them oh my god............ How can anyone be vegan?? This piece of protein was fucking divine..


JUST LOOK AT THAT LOVELY SHADE OF PINK??????? and that fat hugging it its like me and beckham locked in our weekly snuggly embrace!!!!!!

We also had the Lobster Mac and Cheese, (promotional price of $12+ if you book via the chope app)

While I was all thumbs up for the crustacean sauce of this dish, the pasta was pretty much cooked in boiling water and then tossed in the sauce, and it came out rather 'plain' tasting because it hasnt absorbed that goodness of that seafood stock, so it felt like it was pasta dipped in sauce if you get what i mean. But for $12 it was pretty good I guess, can't complain!


Get your lobster mac & cheese at only $12+ with the chope app, dont say I never share... However promo ends November 15th so FASTER BOOK FATTIES!!!!!!

Peace, signing out!

  • Feedlot Bar and Grill
  • 56 Tanglin Road #B1-01 
  • (opposite tanglin mall, its the swiss butchery building , or singpost one if you know..)
  • Singapore 247964

  • 6463 8080
Mon-Fri 2:30pm (Last Order) 
Mon-Fri 10:00pm (Last Order) 
Sat,Sun,PH 10pm Dinner (Last Order)


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